Iris Ward Loughran

A Piece of Alice Aycock’s ‘The Tuning Fork Oracle’, 2019, Approprated art object, Sandbags  
This is a piece of Alice Aycocks public art work, The Tuning Fork Oracle. Her project was constructed for Rutgers University’s Civic Square Building in New Brunswick, New Jersey. 

The original sculpture had 6 of these globes on a large marble tabletop, pictured at the bottom of this page. When I was a student at Rutgers, two of thee globes were missing and this one had been resting detached between two others until I took it for this exhibition. I think of her sculpture as a monument to Civic Square Building, a building designed by prison architects. 

Upon trying to return the globe to the sculpture as I found it, security took it from me, and I was unable to put it back.  

Installation View, Kara Walker Presents: the Colossus of Rutgers, 2019
Alice Aycock’s Tuning Fork Oracle in pristine condition. 
The current state of the sculpture.  

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