Iris Ward Loughran

Passage, Public intervention using found steel playground roofs,  72” H X 96”W X 60”D, 2021

This series is located at a site that I’ve named "The Playground", a waterfront lot used as a dump by the NYC Parks Department located at the border of Greenpoint and Williamsburg. One cold winter morning, I made a series of sculptures by arranging only materials found at the site and documented it with one roll of film. While I was creating these sculptures, I felt the weight of the site. Having an unrestricted view of Manhattan and being surrounded by new development, I could only imagine the property value. But what is the value of a waterfront property during a climate crisis? 
Zig-Zag, public intervention using found steel playground roofs, 48"H x 180"Wx 60"D, 2021
Squiggle, Public intervention using found objects, 84” Hx 16"wx 24"D

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