Iris Ward Loughran

X Marks the Spot/ silver Gelatin print/ 2019

Above is a picture of a object found at River Rd and Union Ave in Passaic NJ, the exact location where Robert Smithson got off the bus in his essay, A Tour of the Monuments of Passaic, New Jersey. In an attempt to walk the same path as him, I started at this location only to find a street sign ripped half way to form a tri-leg structure. When I encountered this object, I experienced a suspended moment of judgement in which I tired to understand how this object happend it arrived at this particular location. The location's significance and the form of the street sign hint towards a thoughtfully placed art object, but ultimately, it is unclear whether this object is accidental or intentional.  

In an attept to investigat thecause of the post’s bends, I recreated the object, pictured below. 
Reproduction of a found object, galvanized steel post and sign,  2019

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